French Speaking Driving Instructors in Nottingham

Learning to drive with someone that speaks French is always a plus - it makes explanations clearer and can help with setting driving expectations.

Here is our breakdown for learning to drive in Nottingham with a French speaking instructor.

  • French speaking Nottingham Instructors: 1
  • Average Lesson Price: £37

The number of people in the UK that speak French is 147,000, that is 0.3% of the population. Like in France, the UK you have a practical and theory test to sit. However, driving lessons tend to be much cheaper than in France.

With a population of 306,000 it is quite diverse. 23% of the population belongs to Black and other minority groups.

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Driving Lessons in Nottingham

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Adam Cope, Nottingham

He is a fantastic driving instructor! Tim was very patient and calm throughout the lessons, as well as fully preparing me, not only for the driving test, but also for driving after passing my test. For these reasons, I always recommend Tim to friends and family.

Walter Nowlan, Nottingham

I do not hesitate to recommend Tim as a driving instructor. He is patient and supportive and draws on his extensive knowledge of driving and teaching. I felt completely supported in every lesson, and Tim knew when to push me to succeed. His flexible approach to teaching meant that we focused on my (many!) weaknesses during the lessons. I passed first time with only a few minor faults, mainly as a result of Tims careful and thorough guidance. More importantly, I am a more confident and safe driver. Thank you, Tim.

Felista Sweet, Nottingham

Tim has been a good and understanding instructor. I would recommend him to anyone.