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GoRoadie is using the latest technology to help you become better in between lessons so you spend less money.

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Jakub Navratil 2017
Excellent service and superior customer service! Definitely would recommend it to others. — Jakub Navratil, 2017 Learner

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Learners & Anxiety

We're helping learners stay in control - reducing stress and anxiety.


Calming breathes can help

Breathing in through the nose, pause and then breathing out through pursed lips as if blowing bubbles or a candle out triggers the bodies nervous system to calm down. With a little practice this can become a go to technique for lots of different situations. As said by Tracy Field, Confident Drivers.


Find out about your instructor

By using GoRoadie, you see the driving instructor as a professional, but also as a person. We encourage all our instructors to show a picture of themselves with their car along with something interesting in their blurb. You see the person who will be teaching.


Lessons should be challenging but achievable

We advise instructors to keep students in their stretch zone - this is different for everyone! This way, learners are less likely to fall into a panic zone. We understand that nerves can affect your driving and they may become negative and critical.


Build a sense of trust

Speak to your instructor and let them know your expectations - when do you want to pass by, what is your motivation for learning to drive. Letting your instructor understand this will build trust and they will understand your motivations.

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