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Everything to know about learning to drive in Liverpool

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pass rate in Liverpool?

The national average pass rate is 47% and Liverpool is sits just below that at 45%. However, Norris Green driving test centre sits well below average at 39% and Speke driving test centre has an abysmal 34% pass rate. Warrington and Southport sit nicely above average at 53% and 51% respectively, so it might be worth trying to sit your test in these centres, or at least trying not to sit at Speke.

How many lessons will I need to take in Liverpool?

This changes driver to driver, but the average amount is 47 hours with a driving instructor. The government also suggest at least 22 hours with a friend or family member.

How much does driving tuition cost in Liverpool?

The average cost of a lesson in Liverpool £27 per hour. It's common to find instructors who teach for £25 per hour, up to £30 an hour. Many of the Liverpool driving instructors on GoRoadie offer bulk bookings discounts to help save you money.

Where are the best places to practice driving in Liverpool?

If you're able to get our on your own, we recommend using quite, residential streets near your home. For practicing manoeuvres where you need more space, shopping centre or retail park car parks are great if you get there when it's quiet. The Tesco Extra on Park Road has a large space if you're closer to the south. The Liverpool North Retail Shopping Park can also work if you're closer to that area.

Some more information about learning to drive in Liverpool!

Liverpool is the 10th most populous city in England, situated in the county of Merseyside on the coast of the North West of England. It sits West of Manchester, South West of Leeds and North West of Sheffield.

The Capital City of Pop still has plenty roads following the original medieval layout of the city, so those areas may not be the easiest to practice in.

Liverpool has a population of 498,042 (from 2019).

How to keep the cost of learning to drive down?

The best tips to save money whilst learning to drive is to buy bulk lessons. On average the UK learner driver needs 47 hours to pass - plus 22 hours of private practice.

This means, if you calculate the average number of sessions needed (47) and the average price of a lesson in Liverpool (£27) you are looking at £1,269 to learn to drive, a little higher than nearby Manchester.

That is a lot of money - but driving is a skill for life. It can help you gain employment, travel, and create everlasting memories.

Top tips for saving money on driving lessons

  • Buy bulk lessons - you can save £££s straight from the fully qualified driving instructor.
  • Get in some private practice - Jump in a car with a friend or family. The more time you spend in a car - the faster you pass.
  • Keep up your driving lessons - Try and take 2 driving lessons per week and don't take time off. You will be a lot more likely to retain information the more often you have lessons.

Top tips for starting to learn to drive in Liverpool

Here are some of tips for learning to drive in Liverpool.

1. Head through the Kingsway or Queensway Tunnels.

Driving through tunnels feels a lot different to an open road, due to the it having sides. Even a bridge with walls doesn't compare. Give tunnel driving a go. Many drivers can go through life without every driving through a proper tunnel. It's a really unique experience!

2. Know your driving test centre.

The Liverpool area Driving Test Centres are: Chester, Norris Green, Speke, Southport, St Helens, Upton, Warrington, Wallasey and Widnes.

What's closest to you? Try driving around the various roads near the centre, but try to go later in the day, so as not to be a burden to other motorists sitting their test.

3. Drive the M62 or M57.

Since learners can now drive on motorways with their driving instructor - you can try getting on to the M62 or M57 and practice driving to somewhere like Warrington or Wigan and back. Gaining confidence on busy, large roads is key to becoming a great driver.

Manual vs. Automatic Liverpool driving lessons 🤷‍♀️

Not sure if you want to learn automatic or manual? Here is some advice for picking the transmission for you:


Cheaper tuition and cheaper car

You can legally drive manual and automatic cars

You can control vehicle with higher precision.


Quicker to learn - fast to route to freedom

Don't have to worry about clutch control or stalling

Electric cars are currently all automatic

Once you pass, your licence is automatic only. An additional test is required in order to allow you to drive a manual.

Why use GoRoadie for your Liverpool Driving Lessons?

Booking a driving lesson can be stressful and cause anxiety. Booking through GoRoadie means you can view the instructor you are spending hours with - before committing. We are perfect for learners or parents who want to make sure they are booking their ideal driving instructor.

You can easily look at the driving instructors here, see who is right for you with zero pressure. You can read our reviews, look at our vetting process, and essentially book your driving lesson. Before you know it, you will be on the roads in Liverpool!

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Liverpool driving test centre locations

There are several Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) test centres in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. Chester, Norris Green, Speke, Southport, St Helens, Upton, Warrington, Wallasey and Widnes.

Instructor Services in Liverpool, UK

Instructors in the Liverpool offer a variety of different services that they offer for driving students who want to learn to drive in different ways. These services could help you learn faster, receive more feedback, or become safer drivers overall.