Urdu Speaking Driving Instructors in Aberdeen

Learning to drive with someone that speaks Urdu is always a plus - it makes explanations clearer and can help with setting driving expectations.

Here is our breakdown for learning to drive in Aberdeen with a Urdu speaking instructor.

  • Urdu speaking Aberdeen Instructors: 1
  • Average Lesson Price: £80

The number of people in the UK that speak Urdu is 269,000, that is 0.5% of the population. The driving test is quite different in the UK compared to Pakistan. You will be driving on real roads and instead of avoiding cones you will have to obey real world situations.

Aberdeen was named as Mercer's 5 livable cities in Britain and one of the top eight cities leading the United Kingdom's economy. Aberdeen has the lowest unemployment in Scotland.

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Driving Lessons in Aberdeen

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Kirsten Rankin, Aberdeen

Shaziya really helped my partner with his confidence in driving. He took several lessons in which she was incredibly supportive and was well prepared. She is not only incredibly competent in teaching (she is aware of many helpful resources and gives plenty of tips on how to revise for the question part of the exam) but she is also very personable. Big thumbs up from us; couldn't recommend her more!

Areena Naaz, Aberdeen

I cleared my driving test in the first go. Shaziya Sultana is a delight, honest and a very hard working personality. She has a keen eye in detecting faults and bad driving habits which has helped me in improving my driving skills. She is very professional in her instructing, planning and punctual timing. We covered all the test routes and manoeuvres couple of times before the exam. It was a wonderful experience. I would always strongly recommend Shaziya Sultana as a driving instructor

Haruna Salihu, Aberdeen

Great driving instuctor, dedicated, honest and hardworking. She greatly helped me to develop my confidence. She supported and guided me through allobstacles i faced while driving. I strongly recommend her as your driving instructor in and around Aberdeen. Thank you Shaziya, Thank you BSM

Ronya, Aberdeen

Gives you the chance to get on the road even with no experience, introduces busier roads gradually if you are inexperienced like I was. Teaches you the skills you need to drive anywhere. If u learn those skills you can pass a test in no time.

Bhavani S, Aberdeen

Shaziya is really great,I was already pass my driving two years back.To know more about town driving I contacted shaziya.On my first day she analzyed my driving and explained my mistake at the end of the class and she sent me some links to prepare well for next class. She also gave me more confident.she indentify my mistake and ask me to correct while driving. Before starting class she explain today lesson very well..what are the things we are going to.. like that.. Compare to my first instructor,she is really amazing.she never scold, giving more confident,more flexible,more care and comfort.

Muzakkir A, Aberdeen

Excellent service provided. Supportive. I had only few sessions with her but the outcome was extremely positive. Highly recommended

Gary D, Aberdeen

Shaziya has been a fantastic driving instructor from beginning to end, I started off lessons a few months ago and have went from being a total novice at driving to passing my test with only 2 minors. She takes the time to make sure you understand each and every aspect of driving and gives constructive detailed feedback before, during and after every lesson. On top of this she provides learning material in a variety of formats in order to reinforce what you've learned from your lessons.

Ringo Lee, Aberdeen

Great local instructors, I am glad I have Shaziya as my Instrustor. She teaches in patience and calm way. Most of the stuff she let me figured it out myself which really helps me to understand.

Hazel Cowie, Aberdeen

I am so lucky to have had Shaziya as my driving instructor. She was so calm and patient with me and all my questions. She really took the time to understand me and think up new ways to help me learn better. I felt so comfortable and really enjoyed my lessons. I don't think been able to pass first time without her! Would highly recommend! Thank you Shaziya!

Rachel Lee, Aberdeen

Lovely instructor, always patient and have effective methods of explaining things, always point out my mistakes and what i need to work on. Always makes time for her students. Would highly recommend her.

Ridhwaan Quasem, Aberdeen

Fantastic instructor who is very patient while telling me what mistakes I made and what I had to improve upon. A well informed instructor and a good responsive listener, she helped me feel confident for sitting my test.

Nikita Sapunkov, Aberdeen

Shaziya is a great driving instructor. She is very calm, knowledgeable and a very safe driver herself. She is very supportive and flexible in terms of driving hours. Due to my long hours at work it was only possible for me to take lessons at evenings and weekends, and Shaziya was able to accommodate my busy schedule. During lessons Shaziya would explain rules in details and help you to understand the reasons of particular test requirements. She also have lots of additional materials that she shared with me to study and prepare in between the lessons which is great for things like “show me / tell me” questions. All that helped me to pass the test from the first attempt.

Luby Hatmi, Aberdeen

Shazia was very professional and patient with me, she helped me become a better and safer driver. She is strict, fair and so much fun. I’m going to miss our classes and laughters 💕

Kirsten Rankin, Aberdeen

Shaziya really helped my partner with his confidence in driving. He took several lessons in which she was incredibly supportive and was well prepared. She is not only incredibly competent in teaching (she is aware of many helpful resources and gives plenty of tips on how to revise for the question part of the exam) but she is also very personable. Big thumbs up from us; couldn't recommend her more!

Eduardo, 38 Charles Street

Shaziya was great! She knows how to make you drive safely.She's pontual and organized. Very good lessons.

Haruna S, Aberdeen

Great driving Instructor, dedicated, honest and hardworking who has greatly helped me to develop my confidence in driving. Her willingness to go extra miles to see that i pass my driving test is extraordinary. Detects all mirror checks, eye on speeds and minor mistake and they are always resolved. She is highly recommended as a driving instructor. Thank you Shaziya for your effort and the extra times

Donna Barclay,

Absolutely loved my lessons with Shaziya. Very professional and friendly. She is so encouraging and helpful. Great at personalising the lessons to my needs. Fantastic at communicating during the lesson and also sending helpful information and links for revision. Gave me the confidence to pass my test first time, even though I was nervous. Couldn't recommend her enough.

Morven Greer,

Shaziya has been an excellent instructor: calm, patient, encouraging, comprehensive and professional. I was historically a very nervous driver, but Shaziya put me at ease straight way and helped build my confidence to pass my test first time. Shaziya was thorough in her teaching to help me feel test prepared, but also taught skills and concepts for driving well and safely beyond just the test. It was refreshing to have an instructor who orientates the teaching for what is best for the learner, rather than a dogmatic approach like I've experienced before. Really enjoyed my experience learning with Shaziya - cannot recommend highly enough!!

Q C,

Arranged driving lessons with Shaziya when no other instructors were available at the time in Aberdeen . I had some experience with driving however considered myself a nervous driver due to prior awful awful experience with my last instructor. Shaziya eased me into driving, re learning the basics , communicating well with me and most of all being patient . She understood my character and helped me strengthen what I thought to be my weakness when it came to driving. In fact I ended up liking driving when previously , trust me ,I did not. She is a professional, safe and thorough instructor. Practise makes perfect, literally and you will get that with her . I had a set budget for my lessons and was test ready well in good time .I passed first time , no minors or driving faults and finally after so so long got my full license. Very happy with the service she offers and her teaching style . I 100% recommend. Thank you!

Reuben Bryant,

Very professional and paid very close attention to detail. Helped an individual with no experience driving,pass driving test, highely recommend to anyone looking for an instructor.

Jeremy Wong,

Shaziya has a lot of skills and experience to get you ready to drive along with giving theory help too. She’s professional at what she does and teaches but while also being very chill and enjoyable to talk to if need be. She was a really cool teacher to have during my time with her and I learnt alot in a short period of time thanks to her experience. Would definitely recommend!

Adegboy M.,

Professional and excellent instructor. I would 100% recommend Shaziya for driving lessons.

Lily Greenall,

Shaziya is a very thorough and professional instructor. She will try really hard to find teaching methods that suit you and has a lot of useful knowledge.

Kamila Pluta,

Shaziya is a lovely and hard working instructor. She responded to my initial query very quickly and got me on the road before other instructors managed to reply. We covered everything I needed to know and in couple of months I became a confident driver myself. I passed my practical first time with no faults recorded. Very happy about this and would highly recommend Shaziya to anyone. Thank you. Good job!

Shona Davy,

Arranged for driving test prep at short notice. was excellent at communicating and gracious with technical difficulties. 100% would recommend.

Nazeefa Malik,

Took some lesson as I had private practice previously, she was so helpful and explained everything clearly. Shaziya was also VERY patient when I made mistakes which made me feel much more at ease and less stressed. She was adaptive to my learning pace and provided a lot of written detail after lessons. Couldn’t recommend her enough. Brilliant Instructor!!

Gary Davidson,

Shaziya helped me passed my driving test, first time with 26 hours of lessons with her, i really enjoyed her teaching she made it comfortable as my old instructor knocked my confidence so much i started to dislike driving, but shaziya really helped me build my driving skills and confidence and I started to enjoy my lessons again. If anyone needs a great instructor who teaches you in depth i recommend shaziya, she is easy to get on with and had a good laugh with her.

Manasi Jadhawar,

Shaziya was a great detail-oriented and organised instructor. She helped correct a lot of the points I needed improvement on in my driving and now I do some of the things I was taught by her instinctively. She was also available when many other instructors were booked and made time in her calendar to accomodate for my schedule which I'm very grateful for. I highly recommend her!