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Chris Scott-Douglas Chairman & Driving Instructor

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Chris Scott-Douglas talking about how South Staffordshire ADIs have built a strong association

South Staffordshire ADIs has built a strong association that is growing by focussing on CPD, a solid relationship with their test centres and fun - making sure everyone feels welcome to join in social and charity events.

Check out the full video, and here are some of the key takeaways from the chat with Chris.

  • South Staffordshire sees themselves more like friends and colleagues than competitors.
  • Worked really hard to bring as many local instructors into the fold - making it as modern as possible and importantly, an upbeat and positive presence in the local community.
  • Some social events: Bell Ringing, Charity Events, Quizzes and even Tug of War Team.
  • Most attended events are when they have a speaker with the DVSA.
  • They have a very close relationship with their test centre. They foster that positive relationship by treating test centre managers as individuals and spending time to get to know them and even inviting them to their association meetings.
  • The membership is 60+ and has very strong committee.
  • They meet once a month, and during these meeting they try and make it interesting for every one. Since there are several bakers - the waist line is likely to expand once a month for the ADIs involved.
  • Biggest piece of advice is to join a local driving instructor association for that firm support as being an ADI can be quite isolating.

Chris Scott-Douglas is the chairperson of South Staffordshire approved driving instructor association and is always open to adding new local members.

Contact Chris: chris.sd@me.com

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