How to find cheap driving Lessons

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Over 1.7 million driving tests were conducted in 2017 according to data from the UK government website just over 800,000 being passed. The DVSA is quoted as having said that the average student driver spends 45 hours with their respective instructors before passing.

So, how to get cheap driving lessons then...

Driving lessons are not cheap, especially not if you are 17 years old and possibly still at school, college or university. This is even more relevant for more mature driving students as well, monthly outgoings can eat up wages and makes stretching the budget for driving lessons difficult.

Choosing to be as responsible as possible is a great shout during times like these, so how do we go about finding cheap driving lessons?

Lowest cost per hour?

We have to consider what is likely to make the most difference to the total price of the driving lessons. If someone does 45 lessons a £5 difference in price can change the total by £225. If it takes more lessons this will have a greater effect on the price, making the cheaper lesson price seem more appealing.

However we should also think about how the number of lessons affects the total price. If each lesson costs £25, doing 9 lessons less would save the same as the lessons being £5 less. Although no one can be certain that choosing the more expensive lessons will mean you do less lessons.

Private tuition

One way to help cut the number of lessons could be to get some extra time behind the wheel. If you are lucky enough to be insured on a guardian's or partner’s car, or can afford to hire a dual control car this can be a good option to ensure you spend as much of your lessons learning and keep the practice and perfecting for times with an experienced driver you trust and feel comfortable with. Again this may help to decrease the number of lessons you need in total, although it may have no effect at all.

Picking the right driving instructor

The factor most likely to help increase your chances of getting that pink card quicker is how well the instructor you chose works for you. As each student is different and will have a different spectrum of learning needs, each instructor is different and will offer a different teaching style.

How we help now

This is why here at GoRoadie we are trying to do all we can to ensure that students find the best possible driving instructor for them. Where possible we surface learner reviews, helping you to understand each instructor. This understanding, we hope, will help you to find the best instructor for you.

We also provide instructors with an even playing ground to create and showcase their profiles. Each profile is tailored by the instructor, this will help to inform you about the instructor and allow you to get a feel for each instructors personality.

Our future

We are dedicated to helping as many students and driving instructors as possible and we intend to continue to provide great features that will allow students to find and determine the instructors that are best suited to them with the goal of providing students not with the cheapest lessons, but helping you to spend as little as possible over the total time you are taking driving lessons.

If you have any ideas of features that will help you get a better understanding about the instructors you can search through on our website please let us know by giving us an email or contact us through our support page.

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