Where are the best places to practice driving in Aberdeen?

Whether you're with your driving instructor or going out with family or friends, there are a number of places around Aberdeen that are great to practice in.

By driving in different areas around the city of Aberdeen, you're going to learn to recognise more places and situations, which will boost your experience and confidence.

Here's a few places to practice:

  • Around your own home
    E.g. Smithyhaugh Road, Aberdeen, AB16 7QR
    Familiar areas and roads are the best when starting out. If you have a road out of front of your home and are able to use the car of a friend or family member, it's a great chance to get familiar with car controls, checking mirrors, pulling off and stopping and other basic manoeuvre.
  • Aberdeen Energy Park
    Claymore Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB23 8GX
    The Aberdeen Energy park is great place to practice manoeuvre and to start your driving tuition. You can get comfortable with the clutch control there and ask your instructor/parent/friend their thoughts on learning to drive whilst in the car.
  • The City Bypass
    Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, Aberdeen, AB21 9SS
    The road is beautiful! Get a chance to drive on this smooth piece of concrete and build your confidence. It's great for getting from one side to Aberdeen to the other. A92 is such a incredible drive.
  • A92
    North Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, AB15 5DB
    Get used to driving up and down the A92. It's such a common route in Aberdeen and there are tons of roundabouts that you will be driving around there too. Being comfortable driving in this section and taking the exits will definitely benefit you.
  • North or South Aberdeen Test Centre
    Cloverhill Road, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB23 8FE
    Familiarise yourself with the Aberdeen North or Aberdeen South Test Centre - which one will you use? Find out from your instructor and become comfortable driving in that location.