Semi-Intensive Driving Lessons in Leeds

What is the difference between Semi-Intensive and Intensive?

Intensive courses are not for every learner driver. It takes up a lot of time and learners sometimes prefer semi intensive or 'intensive courses light'.

Semi intensive driving courses are made to fit you. These sessions could be done 1 day a week for around 5 hours, or 2 hours every day for several weeks. The main purpose of semi intensive driving courses is so learner drivers pass their test quickly at a comfortable pace.

When booking a semi intensive driving course the driving instructor and the learner driver should aim to have a practical driving test in place for the last day of your booked session. If the learner feels like they need more time to learn, the driving instructor should be able to add more hours, or the last option is to push the practical driving test back.

Learner drivers must have passed their driving theory test before booking a semi-intensive driving course.

Semi-Intensive driving courses usually last around 10 hours to 40 hours, but this depends on the learner driver and their past driving experience.

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