Trailer Training: Towing with a Car On and Off Road in Glasgow

Trailers are used for both in and outside work. You could be towing a vital piece of historical equipment or simply hitching a car to a caravan. Towing a vehicle or whatever else requires a higher level of skill than expected.

Any driver who has passed their car test on or after 1st January 1997 is now required to pass the B+E Car and Trailer Driving Test to tow trailers over 750kg. Examples include horse & stock trailers, large caravans, car transporters and digger trailers.

The test costs £115 (this is a practical test, there is no theory portion), but grants may be available for under 25's and there's also a good possibly for employers to pay as part of their staff training costs.

What you will learn?

  • You'll learn to couple/uncouple and load your trailer
  • Key braking exercises to ensure safety
  • Route cause of accidents
  • Weight limitations
  • Legal requirements for towing on and off road

Available Trailer Training Driving Instructors