Defensive Driving Training in Liverpool

Driving is the most dangerous activity most people partake, research shows. More people are injured or worse killed during a at-work road traffic collisions than in all other workplace incidents. This is where Defensive Driving Training Comes in.

Research shows that driver behaviour is the main contributor to almost more than 90% of road traffic accidents. These sort of courses focus on a behaviour based coaching programme which is specifically designed for individuals. Defensive Driving training looks at the needs of the student and focuses to allow them to identify and address their driving behaviour and how it can affect their potential for involvement in undesirable and unsafe situations.

Getting Started

Do you hold a full licence?

Do you wish to reduce your risk on the Road?

Do you wish to save money on fuel and maintenance costs?

If that's a yes, then let's get started. Courses focus on country, rural and urban roads across the country. Below should be instructors who partake and will offer unqiue courses suited for you.

Available Defensive Driving Instructors