Winter Driving Lessons in Liverpool

Winter is coming…

Annnnd those of you that passed their practical driving tests in summer months may be driving in these conditions for the very first time! Or, you may be taking your driving lessons in winter; we have some helpful advice for you.

Use a professional driving instructor

You may have passed the practical driving test, but winter driving conditions are not like driving in summer! Be safe and get experience with a paid professional driving instructor in a dual controlled car on how to deal with snow, fog, and black ice. Remember, your driving instructor has many years of experience and for the cost of 1 or 2 lessons you could save on car repair costs, and your no claims insurance discount.

Learn in a modern car

TL;DR It's easier. Newer cars have heated windscreens - front and back! You can get in your car and it will almost clean itself, simply start the engine and watch the front and back windows clear up. You might still have de-ice the wide windows unfortunately. It is winter after all.

Take your time

The sun is low in the sky in winter months, and this means that you can easily be dazzled, so drive slowly if facing the sun. Also remember that the temperatures could be freezing outside, and don't get fooled by the greenhouse effect of the rays in the car, the road could be icy and there might not be as much grip on the road due to black ice.

Check the weather

Severe weather warnings are sometimes issued by the met office, listen to these, and if you are driving a car in an area affected, it might be wise not to drive if they predict adverse weather with black ice on the road or deep snow.

Remember your breaking distance

In foggy and icy conditions give other cars enough distance to stop. Remember to use headlights and fog lights if visibility is less than 100m.

Winter Driving Lessons Winter Driving Lessons

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