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Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Aberdeen

Finding the ideal location to walk your dog is a priority of any owner. Whether you’ve just moved to Aberdeen or have just added a dog to your family, here are some of the best spots.

Walking Dog in Aberdeen photo by Zac Farmer

Aberdeen Beach

Starting with the most well-known spot, Aberdeen beach is always a great place to take your dog. Only being a short distance from the city-centre, it is really accessible. While the location does attract quite a lot of tourists, so not as private as some of the other choices to come, it is always maintained and kept in good condition. This is reflected by the fact that since 2007 Aberdeen Beach has won the ‘Resort Seaside Award’. It is a walk you and your dog are sure to enjoy!

Typically, dogos love running on the beach so this beach is a great way for the little pups or golden-oldies to stretch their legs and do some digging!

Westburn Park

If you're looking for a spacious place where you and your dog won’t be bothered, then Westburn Park is for you. Boasting 10-hectares of space, there is an abundance of room for your dog to run around in. It is a mostly open space and has a few ponds located within. The only downside being its limited parking space. It is open from 10am to 9pm everyday bar Sunday when it’s open from 10pm to 2pm.

You can read more about Westburn Park on

Elrick Country Park

Another park that boasts a large space, Elrick Country Park is a great option for those who live out-width the city centre. It can be found not too far off the A96 and stands out as it offers a forest trail. While the terrain is more challenging and natural than other parks, it is great exercise for yourself and your dog. If a ‘wilder’ location appeals to you then give it a go.

More information about Elrick Country Park is available here.

Seaton Park

If a riverside walk is for you then look no further than Seaton Park. It is located north of the city, just on the banks of the local River Don. Open all hours, you will be able to go here for either very early or late walks. The park is surrounded by a lot of historical agriculture and architecture, giving you something to look at while your puppy runs around!

The little doges would love to run around this park, sniff all the flowers and take the cutest dog selfies here.

Read more about Seaton park on their official website.

Donmouth local Nature Reserve

Another beach location, Donmouth is a quieter alternative to Aberdeen Beach. As it is a nature reserve, there is variety of wildlife on show, including waterfowl and seals. The paths are in good condition and it is located near the famous Brig 'o Balgownie bridge.

Read Visit Aberdeen's review and information here.

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