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Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Leeds

A top priority for any dog owner os to find an ideal location. Whether you’ve just moved to Leeds or have just added a dog to your family, here are some of the best spots.

Walking Dog by Julian Hochgesang

Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park is a very well-known in the area - it's so good you can spend most of your day here... and your dog would thank you for it. The park has amazing hills, or brilliant vibrant forest to explore. This incredible park is winner of "Much Loved" from the "Fields in Trust" back in 2019. It's only a 15 a drive, not too far.

Now don't be surprised if your doggo wears you out. The little pups will love running around, spinning and digging little holes Sounds like a great day to us!

Ardsley Reservoir

Only 18 minutes south of the city centre - where the M1 and M62 meet near Wakefield. This is a beautiful spot where you have beautiful views across Emley Moor. The land here is really well maintained, so your doggy won't get too muddy either. Ideal for your pupperoo's perfect day out.

You can read more about Ardsley Reservoir.

Meanwood Park

As one of the most renound spaces in the city, Meanwood Park, is the ideal place park to walk your little doggo woggo. The park has tons to offer as with each visit you are likely to discover something new. You could even follow the path along to Meanwood Beck.

The park again is around 13 minute drive from the city centre and somewhere your dog will appreciate.

Note: If you're looking for a place to chill after your walk with your dog we have broken down the best places to chill in Leeds.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

One of the easiest places to access from the city centre is the Leeds & Liverpool Canal - and it's a brilliant spot to take your dog.

Walk along side the canal and perfectly still waterside, up through Burley and you will end up at Kirkstall. Trust us, take water for your little doggo so they can have a drink, you will both need one after this walk. There are a few stops like The Bridge Inn you can check out too.

And of course, beware of cyclists!

Temple Newsam

To the east of Leeds, around 20 minutes drive, is the grand Temple Newsam. This is an idealistic place for you to take your doge. The house is of course surrounded by miles of green land - perfect for letting the dogs roam free. When you are near the gardens or courtyard, your pup will need to be on a lead.

Bramley Fall Woods

Bramley Fall Woods in Leeds is great and if not the best place to walk your pooch. Situated in West Leeds, this woodland has over 80 acres of land to explore. Not only that but it will lead you back to Leeds Liverpool Canal. There are tons of paths for you to explore, so you can come back week after week.

You can walk along side the water paths, and maybe your dog will have a small swim, so be best to bring a towel.

After the walk, why not visit two dog-friendly pubs - The Acorn and The Abbey - perfect way to end the day with you and little K9.

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