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Driving Test Practice: Reaction Games

Practising for your driving test doesn’t have to be limited to theory revision and driving lessons. Playing games that require quick reactions can help improve yours on the road. This comes recommended by instructors, such as Rob Cooling who GoRoadie recently interviewed.

Driving Test Practice: Reaction Games

While there are a lot of actual video games that can suffice, there are also reaction time games specifically made in relation to learning to drive. For example, Kwik Fit just recently released the game ‘Driven to Distraction’ on their website. This game will test your reaction times by having a stop sign pop up and measure how quick you are to press it on the screen.

Your theory knowledge will also be tested as you will be asked related questions as the game progresses. There is significant evidence supporting the value of games like this, with multiple studies reporting a positive correlation between hazard-perception and reaction games to better and safer driving. If you want to research further into it, Psychology Today has summarised various studies on the subject matter.

Using extra resources like this, while seeming minimal, can help make the difference in passing your test and your driving ability after passing. For more helpful advice and tips make sure to check out our other blogs!